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Faces in Mirrors

By James - 1/25/2005

One of the most important aspects of splitting lanes is trying to predict what the cars are going to do. One thing that helps me is to look in the side mirror and figure out where the driver is focusing their attention. For some reason this morning the people were so compelling that instead of finding the next driver and making sure they were staying in their lane, I had to peak into the cage I was passing because the drivers were crazy. A side mirror is like a keyhole. Your veiw is restricted to a small area, usually the eyes, a bit of the forehead and the nose but that little area tells you volumes. I sometimes see a good looking girl and take a peek to see if they are really good looking or just have a good looking eyes and nose. Half the time I am right. Half the time I am very wrong.

This morning a woman was sobbing. The Bay Bridge commute is not THAT bad. The view of the puffy eyes and nose in the mirror was a little disturbing out of the context of the rest of the face. Another guy had his face all scrunched up, like when you pass a hog farm. I never figured out what was up with him. Then there was a guy shaving. I had heard stories but never seen it before. I still think talking on the cellphone is more distracting than shaving. While odd, this morning’s commute was relatively light.

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  1. I’d sob if I had to drive the Bay Bridge every day to work. She should probably take BART though - her sobbing wouldn’t interfere with her driving.

    Comment by Flippy — 1/25/2005 @ 2:38 pm

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