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By James - 1/20/2005

My company hired a writer recently and I took him to the local mexican restaurant to get a burrito. We started talking about motorcycles and how he wants to start riding again, especially for his commute. It turns out he lives two freeway exits away from me in Oakland. My commute is about 22 miles and half of it is through traffic. One of the benefits of California’s lane splitting rules is that it cuts my commute in half. So we arrive and I order my burrito, a super, carne asada, with guacamole, rice, spicy salsa, no beans, no sour cream. He orders a vegan burrito, rice, guacamole, salsa and beans. I have no problems with people who choose to be vegan, more carne asada for me, but I have been thinking about it on my ride. Being a vegan motorcyclist means no leather. Now I love my textile rain jacket, but the thing has no personality. My leather jacket has morphed to fit my body. It has nicks and scuffs and a way you have to bring the zippers together so it doesn’t jam. It is a lot warmer and most important, it looks a lot better.

I have a fondness for things that flex and bend with me through my daily routine. My textile jacket just blasts through the environment without being affected by anything it encounters. While that is handy in the most extreme cases, leather jackets seem to weather your ride along with you. It is like you are in it together.

If you want to learn more about Vegan Motorcycling, visit the Vegan Motorcyclist, but I am happy with my leathers.


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  1. while i’m not vegan, i don’t eat cows, and try to not wear leather products, i understand what you’re saying. trying to find well-made (and protective) non-leather riding gear still seems to be somewhat of a challenge.

    Comment by brian — 3/5/2006 @ 12:11 pm

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