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Flip Flops and an Arai

By James - 4/9/2007

People’s rational amazes me sometimes. I wish I had a camera to document what I came across today but I left my phone at my desk. But first a word about gear.

I come from the ATGMOTT school of dressing for rides. “All the Gear, Most of the Time". There are the ATGATT nazis, “All the Gear, All the Time” and there are squids, who wear flip flops and wife beater shirt. I am in between, although closer to ATTGATT than squid. I don’t care what you wear when YOU ride, but if you are riding with ME, or ask MY opinion I will tell you to wear ATGATT. Do as I say, not as I do.

So on the way back from lunch I saw a scooter chick donning her gear. Suede jacket, capri pants, flip flops . . . and an Arai helmet. I understand protecting your head but it seems like you are putting all your eggs in one basket with that get up. If you get hit, you may save your head with an expensive helmet but your arms, legs and especially your feet will be badly injured. She had a million dollar smile so I can justify it a little, but seriously; get a decent HJC at half the price and spend the money you saved on overpants. You need to protect yourself proportionately. A $500 helmet and $5 flip flops is not better than a $200 helmet and $100 overpants.



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  1. Had to smile when I read about your “scooter chick” spotting. Our secretary here at work does the same thing! She bought a Yamaha Vino 50cc scooter a few years ago and usually dresses according to the weather… It’s not uncommon to see her leaving the office at quitting time with high-heels, skirt and blouse, then donning her $500 Shoei Synchrotec helmet. I’ve tried to reason with her (being an ATGATT Nazi myself), but to no avail.


    Comment by Lucky (Canuck) — 4/13/2007 @ 8:20 am

  2. I just found this blog today. Like it a lot. I’m between an ATGATT and an ATGMOTT, in 1990 in the ATGATT mode a 16yr old driving home from Jimmy’s house didn’t see me on my 1983 Nighthawk 650 so I hit him to prove a point. Actually, it seemed the best option was to try to reduce speed (60mph in a 55mph zone) before hitting him. Since I always wear my gear when leaving my neighborhood, I suffered a broken arm and a slight concussion. Shoei helmet, Tourmaster gloves, textile jacket, boots and long pants saved from road rash and more. The bike was of course totalled and landed in the blackberry bushes(OUCH!!), while did my best Superman impression.
    After only 15 years of marriage my wife took a m/c safety class and now we have a nearly new bikes! I still am an ATGATT… mostly.


    Comment by Todd — 3/12/2008 @ 2:13 pm

  3. James, The last paragraph of your posting spoke to me the most. I have been on a motorcycle from the age of 5yrs and have ridden dirt, street, quads, 3-wheelers, and even a skate board with a motor once. With that kind of history you can imagine that there have been a spill or two and some were pretty painfull. So latter on in life when I got a new bike and wanted to outfit myself with new gear I was appauled at the cost of some of the leathers and helmets out there…..you don’t have to take out a second mortgage on your home to buy motorcycle gear.

    I found some good quality stuff that didn’t break the bank, looks awsome, and provides excelent protection(already tested) at welldressedbiker.com

    Comment by Well Dressed Biker — 4/14/2009 @ 8:27 am

  4. I tottaly agree, especially with the last paragraph, why buy super expensive stuff because it’s fashionable and skimp on the rest of the apperal that is equally important?

    Some of the most important things to look for instead of the manufacturer are quality specs of the gear you’re buying. Thickness of leather, DOT approval of the helmet, boots that cover the ankle, etc, etc.

    It only takes one driver not paying attention to ruin your ride, do what you can to prevent from ruining your life.

    Comment by Big Bran — 4/14/2009 @ 8:44 am

  5. I completely agree, I would rather have all of the gear. I never have had to have the important name brand stuff anyway because it is usually overpriced and much of the less expensive gear has equally good protection. That is the most important part, protection. I have tested my gear several times (not on purpose).

    Comment by Brandon — 4/14/2009 @ 3:23 pm

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