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What traffic school has to say about motorcycles

By James - 3/20/2007

I had to take traffic school last night for a speeding ticket I got on Marting Luther King day. Traffic was light so I decided to pick up the pace and got nabbed. Two months later I passed online traffic school. $150 dollar fine + $30 admin fee for traffic school + $25 for online traffic school puts me at $205 all in. It was an expensive commute.

I was going through the questions and got to the trucks, motorcycles and school bus section. Here are some snippets of what they have to say about our choice of transportation . . .

Motorcycles often have excessive performance capabilities, especially rapid acceleration and high top speeds

I am not sure what they mean by “excessive” but Webster’s defines excessive as “beyond normal limits, unreasonable". Motorcycles do have capabilities beyond the limits of autos but I would not call then unreasonable. My “excessive” capabilities have prevented a handful of major accidents when auto drivers who valued convenience over safety used poor judgment. Most cars have higher top speeds than motorcycles. Even when looking at “race bikes” and compare them to “race cars” you will see that cars have a higher top speed.

They struck close to my heart when I read this:

Although it is not illegal for motorcycles to share lanes, it is unsafe.

Why make a blanket statement like that? Especially with all the FARS data that proves otherwise. There is none of the typical rules of thumb speed limits and speed differences. Just “it is unsafe". I agree that in lots of situations sharing lanes is unsafe, but there are lots of situations where sharing lanes is perfectly safe. Sometimes it is safer than sitting in traffic.

It is frustrating to think that with all the positive things that motorcyclists do, that the associations that will stick in the mind of cagers after this curriculum will be “excessive,” “high top speed,” and “unsafe.” Thanks online traffic school!


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  1. wow online traffic school is worth its weight in gold for motorcycle riders.

    Comment by Rex — 3/26/2007 @ 10:48 pm

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