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Mailbag: Motorcycle License Requirements

By James - 2/20/2007

I recieved an email from Chris . . .

I had a question about a motorcycle license.

Can you get one without a normal drivers license, like a permit or something??

Thank you.

Here in California you do not need a driver’s license to get a motorcycle license. All you need is:

  1. Fill out the DMV’s motorcycle license form (DL 44) and pay $26 (at the time of this writing)
  2. Pass the written test, you get three chances
  3. Pass the skills test or pass a CHP approved motorcycle rider training course

There are some caveats;

  • If you do not have a Class C (for automobiles) driver’s license, you will need to take the written automobile test and road test through the DMV
  • If you are under 21, the CHP approved motorcycle rider training course is mandatory
  • If you are over 21, the CHP approved motorcycle rider training course is optional, and completion will waive the skills test
  • If you are between 15 1/2 and 16 years old you can only get your motorcycle permit
  • If you are over 16 and do not take the skills or road test you can get a permit

With the permit you are not allowed to ride

  • with a passenger
  • at night
  • on the freeway

Most states are the same way and some have a few more or less hoops to jump through. I hope this helps and let us know how you are doing. See you on the road!


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  1. Make sure the insurance company is licensed and covered by the state’s guaranty fund. The fund pays claims in case the company defaults.

    Comment by RirlReerlette — 8/21/2007 @ 8:15 pm

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