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Bikers know what it is like it be brushed aside

By James - 7/16/2006

The state of South Dakota is getting a lot of press with Stugis coming up and I ran across an article describing the protests over a proposed “biker bar", campground, and concert venue to rival the Buffalo Chip campground.

The protests stem from the proximity of the bar to Native American sacred grounds of the Lakota and Cheyenne tribes. A second development that is encroaching on the grounds is a gun range. Both of these developments are noisy and would interfere withthe fasting and praying that the area is currently used for. While I expect that there is a lot of prejudice against gun nuts and the stereotypical “Wild One” biker, both of these developments will be very noisy.

I am all for a place to have a good time but I hope the sacred grounds are protected. As a biker I know what it is like to be brushed aside for the convienence of the many. On the road it is convienent to change lanes without signalling. Off the road it is convienent to make presumptoins of my financial situation or social skills. There are things that society lets us do, mainly because of the guilt that they kill bikers at an alrming rate. They let us split lanes. They let us go through the carpool lane with a single rider. They let us park on the sidewalk and rarely ticket us.

These “perks” may make it better to ride a motorcycle but it does not address the real problem. It does not make cagers view motorcycles as real forms of transport. All anyone wants is equality and respect. That is why I would like to see these sacred grouns protected. Nothing is going to correct the wrongs of previous generations but we can start to do the right thing today and why we need education and accountability. Nobody can live on excuses and perks. Everybody needs respect and equality.



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  1. How would you all like to have 250,000 + noisy m/c’s surround your place of worship?

    Comment by Clay — 7/28/2006 @ 5:05 am

  2. James - I agree with you 100%. It’s always unfortunate when motorcyclists are labelled negatively (loud pipes at 3AM, anyone?); but the Native American people have lost so much, you’d think that we would at least owe them enough respect to allow them to pray on sacred ground without a Biker Bar and shotguns intruding. Seems to me that South Dakota is a fairly large piece of real estate, there must be some other area that could be used for a campground?

    Comment by Lucky — 8/23/2006 @ 10:45 am

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