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The Helmet-Terrorists Hold our Head Hostage

By James - 7/14/2006

According to this article Ben Roethlisberger is not using his celebrity status to endorse or condem helmetless riding. Some thought that because of the severity of his injuries he would be shamed into doing public service anouncements.

“I don’t think that’s my place,” the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback said in a television interview Friday.

“Some people feel that, you know, I probably should be doing that and being a big advocate for that,” Roethlisberger said from Los Angeles. “But for me, I’m going to let people make their own decisions … So I don’t think you’ll see me doing any kind of billboards or advertisements.”

I am both dissapointed and impressed with how he is handling this incident. I am disapointed because Ben was riding faster than he was willing to crash. Someone with so much to lose needs to take reasonable precautions to guard his future. I am impressed because I am so sick and tired of celebrities using their publicity to jam their political views down our throats. I hope all atheletes, movie stars and lip-syncers take a page out of Ben’s playbook. Do what you are good at, entertaining me, and stop complaining about problems you barely understand. Let people make their own decisions. Following the reasoning of a superstar will only get you into trouble.

I can’t stand the people who are scared into their position, like supporting helmet laws only after having their face rearranged by a crash. It is so transparent. Since when is fear a good reason to do something. People who use fear to motivate are called terrorists. Good for Ben to not give in to such tactics.

So who should we listen to? Well kids, listen to your parents. The trouble is, a lot of kids have crappy parents. Just today I saw on the morning news a sad story.

A boy who died after the dirt bike he was riding was struck by a sport utility vehicle on a West Oakland street early Friday morning was not wearing a helmet and was riding the bike without a headlight, Oakland police told CBS 5.

Mikal Robinson, 15, of Oakland, suffered serious injuries in the 2:15 a.m. collision and died at Highland Hospital at 5 a.m., according to police.

The driver of the SUV won’t face charges, according to Alexander.

Usually I am all over the clueless drivers of cages, but in this case the accicent was clearly not the cager’s fault. I have to ask the parents of the boy, Why was a 15 year old out at 2:15 in the morning? Why was he riding a stolen, according to the morning news, minibike, without a headlight in the middle of the night? And why did they not require him to wear a helmet? The police are still investigating but I think they need to be investigating the boy’s parents for being neglectful.



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  1. “I am so sick and tired of celebrities using their publicity to jam their political views down our throats.”

    How is it jamming a political view down your throat if Dan were to say he wished he had been wearing a helmet? Do you characterize your own stated opinions as “jamming it down people’s throats"? Of course not.

    “Do what you are good at, entertaining me, and stop complaining about problems you barely understand.”

    Is it safe to assume Dan “understands” something about the pleasures of motorcycle accidents while not wearing a helmet? I’d say he understands quite a bit now. Obviously, since he wasn’t wearing a helmet, he was most likely one of those people against helmet laws. Hmmm. I’ll bet he wears a helmet from now on.

    “Let people make their own decisions.” That little chestnut doesn’t strike you being a tad simplistic? Let people make their own decisions about what? Riding a motorcycle, IMHO, is assinine, but riding a morotcycle without a helmet should fall under suicide—and don’t we have laws against that?

    “I can’t stand the people who are scared into their position, like supporting helmet laws only after having their face rearranged by a crash. It is so transparent. Since when is fear a good reason to do something. People who use fear to motivate are called terrorists.”

    I’m sorry, but your comments just get dumber and dumber. Fear is healthy and keeps us alive. Fear is your body helping your obviously malfunctioning reasoning abilities to understand the increased risk of a given situation. Fear is an evolutionary gift. Fear can (God forbid!) motivate you to get out of the way of an oncoming locomotive, or, it can keep you from committing a crime. There is a good side to fear, as well as a debilitating side to it. You might give that some thought.

    Comment by Harvey Dent — 7/16/2006 @ 9:13 pm

  2. Um, his name is Ben. He won the superbowl.

    I am all for helmets. I would never ride without one. It is helmet laws I am against. You seem to think it is an all or nothing situation. I am not sure how you came to that conclusion but it is a common misconception.

    Yeah fear is important, just not for presenting information. Those are the tools of dictators and terorists.

    We are raising dumber and dumber people who trust the governmnet to have your best interest at heart. We have to start deciding what is best for us. The government runs the country, not our lives.

    When was the last time someone was convicted of committing suicide?

    Comment by James — 7/16/2006 @ 10:12 pm

  3. 1. My mistake: his name is Ben. Obviously, I’m not a sports fan.

    2. Fine. It is a matter of freedom. I won’t try to dissuade anyone. Since you would never ride without a helmet you must believe that those who do ride without one are making a poor decision. You and the government are in agreement on whether or not it is prudent for a biker to wear a helmet, so I guess you must agree that where reasonable safety practices for bikers are concerned, the government is spot on in this instance, that they do in fact have your best interests at heart. I mean, is there some other reason why the government would want you to wear a helmet? Educate me. Is it to boost the flagging sales of helmet manufacturers. I could care less if bikers wear helmets or not… except for my imprudent brother, aged 45, who broke his hip last year riding a motorcycle, and after 8 months or so recovery, is back on his motorcycle. He did and does wear a helmet, still, he broke his leg once before when he was younger on a bike. Now the bikes are faster… Hey, he was going 5 miles an hour over a speed bump in a parking lot. Inside a car going the same speed no comparable injury could ever conceivably take place. Yeah, it’s his life, and his kids are grown, but we don’t want to lose him.

    3. Would you say the present administration did or did not use fear to start a war in Iraq? (A war I am for, by the way.) Do the warning labels on cigarette packs use fear to influence behavior and to inform about negative side effects due to use of the product. Fear is used all the time to present information. But really, what’s the harm in Ben saying, “look, if I would have worn a helmet, I might have those teeth I lost, and I might not have broken my jaw". Where’s the harm or fear in that?

    4. “The government runs the country, not our lives.”

    This is debatable in reality, but would open a can of worms and send the conversation off on a tangent. Actually, in theory, WE are the government, remember? WE run the country by who we elect. I know. Let’s not get into that either. I did say “in theory".

    5. “When was the last time someone was convicted of committing suicide?”

    I don’t know. Am I mistaken that it is against the law? I won’t argue it: as you wish, let people make their own decisions in the case of helmets.

    Comment by Harvey Dent — 7/17/2006 @ 12:38 am

  4. All good comments about holding the 15-yr-old’s parents responsible but I have one question: Do you have any teenaged children? Do you know how hard it is to control them? It is the most difficult job I have ever had!

    Comment by Jim — 7/18/2006 @ 5:55 am

  5. As for the 15 year old who got killed, don’t assume the parents had full control of this kid. I’ll tell you that my parents didn’t have full control of me. I did a lot of stupid things that got me injured, and more stupid things that I got away with.

    All parents should be responsible for their kids, but at the same time, you know full well that a 15 year old boy is wiley enough to get past his parents.

    Comment by Steve — 7/19/2006 @ 1:25 am

  6. While I understand Ben’s decision, I feel all Motorcyclists should consider this, CBA / ABATE. CBA / ABATE is a Grass Roots Political Organization that looks out for bikers rights and also fights to educate both the Biker and the Cager on safe road use. Concerned Biker Association rallies around the education issue by recommending taking a BRC and an ERC. They have instituted in some areas a MSAP (Motorcycle Safety Awareness Program. They are probably one of the biggest advocates of freedom as well as many use the motto” Let those who RIDE DECIDE”

    Comment by John “VOODOO” Vaudo — 7/19/2006 @ 4:34 am

  7. This is to the son of a bitches that had something negative about my brother and my mother. First of all my mother was at work and my brother friend had brought the bike over to my mothers house, yeah my brother went out of the house without my mother knowing and he didnt wear a helmet but that didnt mean he had to die. By the way there had been two cars one had stopped and the other had speed up thinking he was going to pass him but as you know he didnt the motha f**ka kept going running over him leaving the scene and than retuned. So he was also in the wrong because as a driver when one car stop you stop even if you dont see the person isnt that a law and you dont leave the crime scene that’s a hit a run. I would also like if you didnt involve my mother shes already going throught alot and you know as a child you also did things that your parents told you not to do like going out of the house when they was there that does not make her a bad mother.

    Comment by The big sister of mikal — 7/31/2006 @ 2:23 am

  8. Sorry for your loss. My son was killed 6-12-06 (speeding) but while in full gear did not survive…only long enough to give life to others thru organ donation…I say wear a helmet even if it doesn’t save you you may be able to save others. He was 22 and invincible so at 15 you are even more so invincible. I don’t blame your mother my God being a mother myself I know that kids sneak…I did too when I was younger.I am so sorry for your loss…I know the mothers pain of losing a child and it is heartwrenching…please give my regards to your Mom…

    Comment by Bonnie — 8/8/2006 @ 4:05 am

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