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By James - 1/6/2005

With all the rain we have been having I want to write a review of some rain gear I got for myself for Christmas and some that I have had for years.
Harley-Davidson Pecos (Men's)
Harley Davidson “Pecos” Boots
It has rained hard for two of my commutes and ben misty and wet for a few others and they have kept my socks dry. The lining provides some insulation and with just a tube sock underneath my feet have stayed warm down to mid-30 degree weather. The soles are grippy but I could do without the bright orange tread on the bottom. The heel tapers as it aproaches the ground, and I was aprehensive that I might sprain my ankle or not feel stable when I put my feet down at stops but have been pleased with their stability. They are less bulky than my Timberland rain boots so they are more comfortable when riding. They are a little stiff and I wouldn’t want to walk more than a couple blocks in them, but I am still breaking them in; ask me how they are in a year.

My parents gave me my Aerostich Darien Jacket and Pants when I got my motorcycle 5 years ago. It has kept me dry in wet weather, warm in windy weather and visible in the dark. The biggest advantage of the suit is that it allows you to concentrate on the road, not on being cold or wet. It is still as waterproof as the day I got it, although it is more comfortable after being broken in. It is the best, but be prepared to pay for it. In my opinion, the Darrien Jacket and Pants are worth it and should last a lifetime.



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