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Mailbag: Honda Rebel on the Open Road

By James - 6/9/2006

“Teacher” wrote:

Hello all. I’m wondering if Rebels are built to travel some what long distances? I live in Chicago, an want to travel to Kankakee, which is about 60 miles from Chicago, all open road. Any tips for taking somewhat of a long trip?

The Rebel is not the one that will poop out first, you will. On long trips, you need to pull over when you are tired or thirsty, those are your most important cravings to pay attention to. You also need to rest your butt. Get off the bike and stand around for a while. 60 miles is not a long distance. You don’t need to do anything different for a trip that short. If you are traveling at highway speed I might recommend a wind shield or full face helmet. It will be over before you know it! Some of the other riders that visit here will also have their own tips for riding long distances. Guys, Chime in . . .



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