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Keep an eye on your spark plugs

By James - 4/24/2006

Last week I rode my new ZR-7 into work and all was good. The weather, the feel of the bike, I was in a groove. After work I walked to my bike and started it up. It idled rough but all reports say the ZR is cold blooded. I was puzzled because the exhaust smelled rich but it was still running rough. So I started riding it and thought it would warm up soon. I came to a stop light and the bike died. I figured I was out of gas so I pulled into a station and filled up. I rode the rest of the way home but the bike was seriously lagging. I finally found the problem when I got home. I saw the spark plug wire dangling and the top of the plug was missing. I was only firing on three cylinders.

I couldn’t figure out why they only broken one. They didn’t take them all, they didn’t scratch the paint. They just smashed the top off of one spark plug. In talking to people I found out that the ceramic top of spark plugs makes a good crack pipe.

At $2.89 for a new plug it wasn’t that bad, but now I am looking for spark plug covers. Anybody know where I can get one?



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