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In love with heated vests

By James - 2/16/2012

The funky weather pattern that has been giving most of the US a mild winter has kept the rain away from the Bay Area. This means there is less latent moisture in the air which makes for colder nights and mornings. When I say cold, it is all relative. Being this close to the Bay and ocean, temps don’t usually get below 35 degrees F, but that is significant on a motorcycle going 65mph. I used to bundle up, I looked like the Michelin man with layers and layers of shirts and fleeces under my jacket. Mobility was restricted and as soon as I stopped for any reason, I started sweating. Then I scavenged an old heated vest from my dad’s unused motorcycle gear. I snipped off the old connection and put an SAE plug on it so it will connect to my bike and it has been great. Now I can cruise in 35 degree weather without all the bulk. It is like having on a heavy vest, that heats up! If you have a lot of cold weather riding, I highly recommend getting one.


Clever motorcycle infographic

By James - 2/13/2012

I found this clever infographic on the NHTSA’s report from a couple years ago.

Motorcycle fatality infographic

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