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Fixing potholes

By James - 6/7/2009

I have a couple potholes on my street. One is particularly bad, a deep, wide gravel hole right in the path of travel when I turn onto my street. The gravel from the hole is spread around the hole making it a sour note on the end of my usually spirited commute.

I was skeptical when I read about the online form to report potholes in my home town of Oakland. I knew the form would work and that the city would get my complaint. I was skeptical that the city would fix the pothole in my lifetime. I filled out the form, intersection and my personal info and hit submit. Every night as I ended my commute and avoided the pothole I would be reminded about that city Website. And every night I was disappointed. So when I returned home from a business trip three weeks later and saw the patch over the hole I was overjoyed. Not because I can now lay my bike way over on the final turn of my commute but that my city works. It works in an efficient and tangible way that improves the quality of my life. It gives me hope in the midst of police scandals and diminishing budgets that a group of people who work for the city are doing something right for the people of Oakland.

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