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DVD Review: Why They Ride

By James - 8/27/2008

I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a copy of the DVD “Why They Ride”. The “They” refers to me and all motorcyclists, and why we ride. It documents two brothers’ journey from Indianapolis to Deals Gap, a mecca for bikers. Also known as the Tail of the Dragon, there are 318 turns in a stretch of 11 miles of Highway 129 that runs between Tennessee and North Carolina through the Smoky Mountains. Along the way they meet and interview bikers and what riding means to them. There is a young father and his son, an older father and his retired son, a couple on their way to see a dying friend, a father that lost his daughter, a track chaplain, and a few of the people who work at Deals Gap and keep the bikers happy.

The movie is targeted towards bikers. At times I found myself explaining to a friend what a super moto is and why as bikers we hate the “super slab” but it is a necessary evil. It deals with terms and ideas that have little meaning to people who don’t ride and haven’t experienced them. But for those who know bikers it may help you understand why we spend our money, time and effort working on and riding our motorcycles.For bikers, the documentary reminded me of the little decisions that we take for granted every day when we mount our ride or hit the streets.

One of the 300+ curves on the Dragon

If you ride you will definitely connect with this film, even if you have never been to Deals Gap. The brothers that made this film really captured the stories of the people at the Dragon and as a result captured the passion that they have for the sport.

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