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Obama assassination planners give bikers a bad name

By James - 8/26/2008

From College OTR:

Four men were taken into custody yesterday after one man, Tharin Gartrell, was arrested in Denver when police found two rifles, ammo, a rifle scope, a bullet-proof vest, walkie-talkies and meth in his car during a routine traffic stop. They knew it was serious because of the walkie-talkies– well that, and the fact that one of the suspects told authorities they were “going to shoot Obama from a high vantage point using… a rifle sighted at 750 yards.”

Although U.S. Attorney Troy Eid obfuscates that “there is no credible threat to the [democratic] candidate, the Democratic National convention, or the people of Colorado,” Fox News (Karl Rove’s new hangout) reports that the men arrested for possibly plotting an assassination of Barack Obama may be tied to the outlaw biker group called the Sons of Silence.

Tharin Gartrell and friends planned to kill Barack Obama
Once again a biker does something so boneheaded that it makes the rest of us look bad. I will overlook the blatant disregard of the first commandment. I will ignore the contempt of our democratic process. But what I cannot forgive is the drug of choice of our dim-witted sniper. Any marksman knows you don’t want to be anywhere near meth when holding a bead on your target. Jumpy McGee would take out everyone in the area except the one he is aiming for. Marijuana, Quaaludes, even a shot of bourbon would have helped to calm the nerves and help to hold a steady aim.

So when you see me on the road and wonder what I am like under the helmet, please don’t assume that I am a mentally challenged, rifle-toting, walkie-talkie carrying, methed out hooligan.

No, I don’t do meth.


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