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Man drives home with injured biker lodged in rear window

By James - 8/29/2007

I hear about dozens of “motorcycle down” accident reports every week but this one struck a nerve with me. A sad end to a young motorcyclist’s life.

From the AP

A suspected drunken driver left a crash and drove home, not realizing a motorcyclist was lodged in the rear window of his car, investigators said.

You don’t have to be drunk to pull out in front of a motorcycle, everyone who rides knows how absent minded cagers can be. But how drunk do you have to be to not notice that a motorcycle hit your car, the body crashed through your back window and not notice the breeze from the new opening, or shattered glass in your rear view mirror?

The motorcycle crashed into the car and Campbell was thrown through the rear window, Thatcher said. Martinez then drove away and realized when he got home that Campbell was in his car, he said.

Martinez drove to a Riverside County fire station where Campbell was declared dead, according to the coroner’s office.

I won’t speculate whether Campbell would have lived if he got help sooner but I am sure that the ride to Martinez’s crib did not help. I hope that this act of selfishness can serve as an example of how some “minor” choices you make can have serious consequences when people would rather not be subjected to the inconvenience or cost of a taxi ride.

R.I.P. Nick Campbell

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