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Royal Enfield selling the soft side of motorcycling

By James - 6/29/2007

These ads for Royal Enfield caught my eye not just because they are colorful but are completely different than the way we market motorcycles here in the states. More often than not, motorcycle ads in America are all about how people will see you, and the image you give off while riding your Harley/Yamaha/BMW/etc. But these Indian ads are about the places you can go not to be seen. It is an interesting opposition of ideas.

Now I would not endorse eating magic mushrooms while motorcycling in India, or any country for that matter, but enjoy the ads:

Royal Enfield
Royal Enfield
Royal Enfield

From AdRants:

Motorcycle mark Royal Enfield put together a set of prints that, we think, are meant to showcase all the sights you could see from your wizzy wee bike. It’s eye-catching and all but somehow negates all the mama’s-boy condemnation they so pithily highlighted here.

Or maybe we’re reading this all wrong and the concept is all about the big hot masculine motorcyclist penetrating the frilly feminine universe.

The prints were developed by Delhi-based Creative Independant ‘A,’ the same guys who brought us the umbilical cord video…

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