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Royal Enfield and why we ride a motorcycle

By James - 3/30/2007

Once I got over the “EWWWW!” factor of this Royal Enfield commercial I thought about the message it is sending. On the surface it is saying that the Royal Enfield is worth the disapproval that your mother will bestow on you for riding a motorcycle. And that I agree with. I had the same issues when I started riding with my mother. But there were underlying concepts that bothered me about this commercial. The boy who became a man was tethered, literally, to his mother his whole life. A mama’s boy. Codependent. A follower. A motorcycle does not break this mentality by itself. Rarely is a motorcycle a source of confidence. In fact, even as my skills have matured, my motorcycle has reminded me more than once how stupid I can be. Learning to ride a motorcycle is not an automatic “bad-ass” curriculum. That is the whole premise for the movie “Wild Hogs". So take a look at the following Royal Enfield ad, from Malaysia I believe, and let me know what it says to you . . .


Mailbag: Legalizing Lanesharing in Florida

By James -

Roy wrote in

I recently relocated to the Tampa area from SoCal and am wondering if there are any groups around here that are working to have lane sharing legalized? I would even be willing to make helmets mandatory if we could lane share. I would like to become involved with any groups that are trying to make it legal to laneshare. Thanks

I feel you Roy. I was in Arizona last October stuck in traffic in Laughlin. Temperature was in the 90s and no wind. It took us 40 minutes to go 3 miles on that asphalt oven. My wife was sweeping and afraid we were going to get tickets so we just sat in traffic. Luckily it was all downhill to the river so we cut the engines and coasted into town. If we were splitting, it would have taken us 10 minutes. I really miss it when I am out of state.

Here in California we have a powerful proponent of lane sharing in the Highway Patrol. When the lane sharing law was up for debate in the state senate, the Highway Patrol lobbied to leave it alone and that goes a long way when it comes from “Ponch and John” instead of the stereotypical outlaw biker.

Unfortunately this is not one of the AMA’s priorities so their poilitical muscle won’t really help you here. I think your best bet is to contact LaneShare.org and start a grassroots movement within your state. Find out what law enforcement has to say, as well as the opinion of state government and the voting population.

Good luck and if you need some statistics that show it can be an effective traffic solution as well as be safer than sitting in traffic read Is sharing lanes more or less dangerous than sitting in traffic?

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