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Biker awarded $2.4 million because of sex and video game obsession

By James - 3/5/2007

According to VisorDown, a biker in England is now obsessed with video games and sex after being in an accident.

I am one of the biggest proponents of victims rights when it comes to people who take their driving privileges for granted and put their convenience before the safety of others on the road. But I have a hard time believing the severity of this man’s claim.

A BIKER who was involved in a motorcycle crash that left him with side effects causing him to be obsessed with mobile phone games and daily sex has been awarded £1.2 million damages.

Along with motorcycles, sex and video games are my three favorite things. I can be quite obsessive about all three and at one point in my life, done each of them from dusk till dawn. I prefer to do all three over work anyday, but I still go. I understand that if I don’t go to work, I will not get any more sex, I will not be able to ride, and video games require that you pay the electricity bill. I say make this guy “right". Pay for his bike, gear, and medical bills, and put the automobile driver away, but this man has to battle his own demons. There are support groups for compulsion and I suggest this man make use of them. But lets not get ridiculous over impulses we all have learned to control.

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