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I object to lane splitting because . . .

By James - 3/1/2007

I had the pleasure to hear straight from a cager why some have a problem with lane splitting. Warning: It is quite irrational and does not make much sense when you know the facts.

(I object to lane splitting because) it puts me at risk of an accident or it puts my car at risk of being damaged and the motorcyclist may drive on or blame me. Someone else does not have the right to put me in such danger or circumstance anymore than I have the right to make you stand on the edge of a buildings roof. - GWMobile

In most instances, actually an overwhelming amount, 75%-85% of motorcycle collisions with cars are caused by automobile drivers. (Hurt Report, Tony Merlino) The main cause of motorcycle accidents is inconspicuousness. (Eye catching gear may reduce motorcycle injuries) Cars just do not see motorcyclists.

Is this the motorcyclists’ fault? As a motorcyclist I see inattentive and careless drivers every day. Most drivers don’t look for motorcyclists when they are turning. They also do not look for pedestrians or bicyclists when turning right. It is not on the top of mind of most cagers. They are thinking about work, they are thinking about traffic, they are concentrating on things other than driving. Motorcycles do not put cars at risk. Inattentive driving puts you at risk. There are two easy things you can do to make sure you do not have a motorcycle crash into you while splitting lanes; use your turn signal and look in your mirror. This will prevent 100% of accidents. It is not that hard, I drive a car and am not startled by motorcycles. Motorcycles are not hard to see. They have bright headlights that are always on. Many have bright paint jobs. Many have loud pipes. Many bikers wear bright clothing. There is no excuse for not seeing a motorcycle, it is carelessness on your own part that put you in that situation. You are the one putting others at risk.

(I object to lane splitting because) it is a result of someone who feels they can jump the line. Impatience, rudeness, superiority, uncivilized behavior, flauting(sic) the law, being an $#%hole call it what you will but lane splitting is all about the motorcyclists putting his desires ahead of others. - GWMobile

Here is the real motivation of those who wish to eliminate lane sharing; jealousy. Sure it seems like you are “cutting in line” and acting uncivilly, but in reality, that line is shorter because I am on a motorcycle. I have not bought into the idea that bigger is better which imposes on everyone round you. I am not hogging a ridiculously large space on the highway and using more resources than I need to. It seems like the refusal to use your turn signal and look before you turn is a lot more rude and arrogant than me using a piece of highway you can’t.

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