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Charges dropped in Billy Lane Crash

By James - 2/23/2007

According to a Florida news station,

Two charges have been dropped against a celebrity motorcycle builder in a fatal DUI case.

Billy Lane is still facing a DUI manslaughter charge, but is no longer charged with driving with a suspended license or driving under the influence with serious bodily injury.

Investigators said Lane hit a motorcyclist while driving home from a night of drinking in Cocoa Beach last September. Gerald Morelock was killed in the accident.

Tests showed Lane had a blood alcohol level of more than twice the legal limit.

I have some questions for the district attorney that might seem dumb for those who deal with our justice system frequently, but I do not understand this.

Why did they drop the two charges that Billy Lane is obviously guilty of? He was driving, this is not contested, while his license was suspended. He was drunk, according to blood drawn from Lane soon after the crash. These are black and white and should be the easy ones to convict on.

Whether or not Lane, driving drunk, was solely responsible for killing Morelock, without any mitigating circumstances, seems a lot harder to prove. So why would they drop the easy charges and pursue the harder, albeit most important and grave of the charges? Our justice system is not all or nothing, but if the defense can poke just one hole in the prosecution’s argument or my worst fear, a technicality gets the whole thing thrown out, Billy is a free man. At least with the lesser charges, he spends some time in a cell for actions that the evidence clearly shows he is guilty of. Can a lawyer chime in and explain this to me?

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