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Please show support to the family of Gerry Morelock

By James - 2/15/2007

When Billy Lane struck and killed Gerry Morelock a few months ago I wrote an article about the coverage that the media had giving the incident. My main reason to write it was to point out the differences celebrities are afforded in reporting the news.

Well, that blog post turned into quite a firestorm. People who believe Billy Lane did no wrong squared off against people who believe that he should be put to death. Everyone else was caught in the crossfire. Over 700 comments were submitted and I tried to only censor the senseless.

Today Byron Morelock, Gerry’s brother added the 720th comment to the page.

A family friend gave me this blog to read. . .and i wish that I had not.

Yes there are many kind people with class on this site. There also are a number of crual, small minded folks too.

i feel like I need to defend Gerry. He can no longer do that himself. He had a good driving record. He was not “in & out” of trouble either. He was killed by a man with a criminal driving record that blatently snubed his nose at the legal system while driving without a license, speeding, passing on a double line and also DUI. Eye witneses said that Gerry was driving good on his side of the road when Billy Lane started and kept on passing several cars and slammed into Gerry. i always have and always will love Gerry . He brought a smile to everyone he met.

A few of you should be humiliated and ashamed from your comments. I thought that i could endure anything, but now i realize that i may have needed my brother’s strength more than I ever really knew.

Although I never like to hear that people who have read my blog “wish they had not", I understand and feel the same way about those “small minded folks". I believe that discussion is good and while I do not believe in much of what is said I respect that people have a different point of view and should be allowed to express it. It is obvious that those who are bashing Gerry and defending Billy are starstruck and morally comatose.

I did not mean for the post to stir up strong emotions and hope that I, and the biker community can share our support for you and your family.

Please use the comment form below to express your wellbeing to the Morelock family. Keep it civil, there will be no Billy or Gerry bashing on this page, only condolences for the death of a fellow biker and support for his family. RIP Gerry and I hope the Morelock family will find closure and justice.


Mailbag: Ethanol in your motorcycle

By James -

George emailed me with a question about burning E85 in his motorcycles.

What about burning E85 in 1964 Honda and 1983 Yahama motorcycles?

E85 is (from Wikipedia) fuel made from 15% regular gasoline and 85% Ethanol. Ethanol is an alcohol made from organic materials like sugar, corn, and brewery waste. Drink a beer and stop global warming! But seriously, Ethanol can be a viable alternative to oil which is hard to extract from the earth and located in hostile environments.

The real danger to running ethanol in your engine is the damage it may cause to magnesium, aluminum, and rubber parts in the fuel system. E85, or Flex Fuel engines have rubber conditioned to transport or store E85 and stainless steel that does not corrode when exposed to alcohol.

If you are really serious about converting your engine over to accept E85, the process shouldn’t be hard, as long as they are four strokes. A trip to your local auto parts store or favorite internet shop should provide you with what you need. Also read Roger Lippman’s excerpt about converting an old VW engine. I hope this helps.


Vote for your best and worst of 2006

By James -

The Rider’s Choice awards are now open for voting. Let the motorcycle industry know what you think.

Rider’s Choice awards

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