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Coffin Babes?

By James - 11/2/2006

It seems that Italian coffinmaker COFANIFUNEBRI is taking a cue from the motorcycle industry and using girls in lingere to sell their wares. Already a winning formula, especially in garages and chopper shops around the globe, babes in lingere + motorcycle = primal urge to buy a bike. Here is why this type of ad works in most men’s brains:

“Ohhhh, shiny bike. -Naked girl- I bet that would be fun to ride because -Naked girl- it’s fast/powerful/flickable/shiny/insert your reason for riding here -Naked girl- I could probably pull tail like that if I was riding that machine.”

Now when that guy chooses to buy a motorcycle, a descision that is not usually based on NEED, but rather PASSION and going fast, he will think of a machine which inspires passion. For most men, naked girls = PASSION and if your bike has a naked girl associated with it you are a step ahead.

Now let me get back to the girls on the coffins, how many people are thinking about “pulling tail” when buying a coffin? Buying a coffin is not an impulse buy. You need it. Using a coffin does not evoke a PASSIONATE image. (Well maybe for some) Time will tell if it works but to me it seems like a strange combination. Which is why I think I like it so much. Tell me what you think of these coffin babes . . .

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