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Want a Diesel Motorcycle? You can finally buy one

By James - 11/19/2006

Starting tomorrow, E.V.A. Products BV Holland will start selling the first diesel motorcycle available to the public. A few other manufacturers have showed promise with the fuel, like the military’s KLR or the ThunderStar, but niether of these models are available to the public yet.

It uses an 800cc Daimler-Chrysler powerplant and can run on vegitable oil or diesel fuel. For more info on it, check out gizmag.

They have already pre-sold 15 motorcycles, so put down your deposit and learn how to import a motorcycle.


Are unhelmeted riders really costing us an arm and a leg?

By James - 11/10/2006

Someone on a forum I participate in, while discussing helmet laws, brought up the frequent lament of those in favor of mandatory helmet laws. Insurance rates and taxes will go up as more unhelmetd bikers are a burden on the public healthcare system. I wondered how much the “burden” was and wanted to put it into perspective, so I did a little research.

Unhelmeted riders cost taxpayers $853 million last year.

The United States spent $1.9 trillion on healthcare in 2004.

Unhelmeted riders accounted for .00004% of the spend.

For comparison, caring for smoking related health problems cost the government $12.9 billion or .007%. That is more than 150 times more costly.

Here are some more numbers I found around the web:

Obesity costs the government $7.7 billion in healthcare expenses

Alcohol costs the government $12.2 billion in healthcare expenses

Medicaid fraud costs the government $140 billion in healthcare expenses

Now I am all for reducing waste, but the argument that unhelmeted riders are a burden on our healthcare system is a weak one. When it is put into perspective with other more costly activities it seems to be a pittance. Whether or not you are for or against helmet laws, I hope you find this data useful.


Coffin Babes?

By James - 11/2/2006

It seems that Italian coffinmaker COFANIFUNEBRI is taking a cue from the motorcycle industry and using girls in lingere to sell their wares. Already a winning formula, especially in garages and chopper shops around the globe, babes in lingere + motorcycle = primal urge to buy a bike. Here is why this type of ad works in most men’s brains:

“Ohhhh, shiny bike. -Naked girl- I bet that would be fun to ride because -Naked girl- it’s fast/powerful/flickable/shiny/insert your reason for riding here -Naked girl- I could probably pull tail like that if I was riding that machine.”

Now when that guy chooses to buy a motorcycle, a descision that is not usually based on NEED, but rather PASSION and going fast, he will think of a machine which inspires passion. For most men, naked girls = PASSION and if your bike has a naked girl associated with it you are a step ahead.

Now let me get back to the girls on the coffins, how many people are thinking about “pulling tail” when buying a coffin? Buying a coffin is not an impulse buy. You need it. Using a coffin does not evoke a PASSIONATE image. (Well maybe for some) Time will tell if it works but to me it seems like a strange combination. Which is why I think I like it so much. Tell me what you think of these coffin babes . . .

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