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Billy Lane Crash Coverage

By James - 9/9/2006

There has been a lot of coverage of the Billy Lane crash. Most of it has been focused on “celebrity” motorcycle builder Lane. A lot of the message boards and blogs have not only been scathing towards Lane, who “should have known better“, but also the media for treating Lane as a victim as well.

Terry had this reaction after reading a Florida Today article about the recent crash involving Billy Lane:

“Billy Lane hurt in accident” Should be “Billy Lane kills a person passing up 2 cars on a DOUBLE LINE". Just show you fame gets you everywhere in the meantime a man on a “legal moped” (as commented in FL Today News - guess is it wasn’t it would have been ok that he was killed ) life is gone because Billy Boy (who I really thought was a cool guy) has a 22 year old chick in his Freebie Dodge Truck & thinks it’s ok to do what he did. If it was me or any other unimportant person in Melbourne Beach (none for speed traps) would have been dragged to jail, pronto. Doesn’t matter if he was drinking or not…HE CROSSED THE LINE LITERALLY. Everyone makes bad decisions but I think when you become famous you begin to believe you are the acception to the rule. The sad part is this man has to live with this and god bless him.

After all the negative publicity surrounding the coverage of Lane, a “celebrity", the paper seems to have finally come around and focused on the real victim.

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