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With motorcycle buddies like this, who needs enemies?

By James - 7/11/2006

RAPID CITY – A 34-year-old Rapid City man was speeding and had been drinking when he suffered fatal injuries in a motorcycle crash, according to the South Dakota Highway Patrol.

But that is not the worst part, well ok, that is really bad, but I couldn’t belive what his buddies did when they saw him crash . . .

There were two other people on motorcycles who were traveling with Lester. They witnessed the accident but fled the scene, according to the patrol. They have since been located and interviewed.
First Sgt. Don Allen (said) they had been drinking as well and feared arrest so they drove off and left Lester. Charges are possible against the other cyclists, Allen said.

Pick your riding buddies carefully, because you never know when they will be picking up pieces of you off the roadway.

From The Black Hills Pioneer


You girls better hang on!

By James -

You think you have girl problems?
From Police say biker fled after losing passenger

Witnesses said Broughton and his passenger, Mary Morris, of Gettysburg, left the parking lot of Earl’s Inn on a motorcycle at 1:44 a.m., Pennsylvania State Police at Gettysburg said.

Shortly after pulling from the parking lot, Broughton accelerated quickly, causing Morris to be thrown from the bike, police said.

Police said Broughton stopped briefly, but then fled east on York Street.

I don’t think there will be a second date.

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