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Double Burnout Video

By James - 6/11/2006

I got this email from the producer of the following film:

me and my buddy did a double burnout. my bike burning out on his truck.

I thought that I should check it out, I have never seen a double burnout before, and hey, if it is twice as good as a regular one-vehicle burnout, it might make it to “mildy entertaining” status. The thing about burnouts is that they are fun for the person doing it, but watching someone do a burnout is boring. Noise and smoke and you are still here. At least be a quarter mile down the road scaping something. . .

I went to the site and here is the description that they give about the video:

Me and my buddy jim drink tequila and load my motorcycle into the back of his Dodge Dakota RT. Then he starts to burnout and I also burnout out on the bike in the back of his truck… thus we have a new kind of burnout… a double burnout.

This makes things more interesting, but they only take a swig and immediately get on with it. I wanted to see them drink the whole bottle and wait a few minutes until they were nice and drunk. That would have almost guaranteed a catastrophy and an entertaining video.

So if you like burnouts, I guess this is better than most. But beware, the guy on the bike is walking around with his shirt off for the whole video.

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