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New Clubs

By James - 2/12/2006

My club, Wolf Pack Motorcycle Club, just started two new chapers, Roseville, CA and Manteca, CA. The patching party was in Tracy, CA, about an hour from Oakland. With the sun out and temps in the 70s I really wanted to ride out there but since I had the physical framed charters and booze I was relegated to driving, although the cosmic forces were working against me. As I was leaving I got a flat tire and had to ride the doughnut all the way out to the Central Valley at 55mph. It seems even fate wanted me to ride but it was not to be.

The party was great, they are some stand up guys we just added to our club and I look forward to riding with them up to Santa Rosa for Blues and Tattoos. Ride when you can, you don’t know what will happen tomorrow.


Motorcycle lift

By James - 2/5/2006

Now that I have a garage I decided to get a motorcycle lift to do a little more maintenence to my our bikes. The $89 Craftsman Motorcycle Lift from Sears has to be the greatest tool I have. It makes working on the bike so much easier. Instead of rolling around on the ground now I am sitting comfortably working on the bike. I have only changed the oil but it took me half the time it usually does. If you do even minor work on your bike I strongly reccomend getting one of these, it is a really good investment.

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