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Loud Pipes

By James - 11/15/2005

I came across NoiseOFF’s site about loud pipes and was amused by how outraegeous their site is.

“Our goal is to present the facts honestly and directly to the media. We leave it to the noise industry to hire public relations firms to spin the media. . .”

OK, start the “facts":

“Do not approach or attempt to reason with bikers. Most of them are belligerent. When possible, take down their license plate number and call the police. In communities where the police pull over bikers, often they find alcohol, drugs and sometimes weapons. In a few cases, bikers have outstanding warrants for their arrest.”

Actually, most motorcyclists are not beligerent, in fact most motorcyclists have quiet bikes, and the amount of drugs, alcohol and firearms on bikes is miniscule with the amout found in cars, but go on . . .

“If you see a motorcycle shop opening up in your community, get together with your neighbors and stage an organized protest. Make picket signs and send a media alert to all the newspaper and television news outlets so they can cover the event.”

Does it matter which kind of motorcycle shop is opening up? Does it matter that most motorcycle clubs raise money for their community? It seems to me the louder your bikes the more money they donate, but that is just an observance.

“There is a marketing mythology that loud thunderous motorcycles are a part of the American way of life. As flag waving patriots, it gives us the uniquely American right to stand out and express our rugged individualism. All of this smarmy American patriotism is championed by the Harley-Davidson Motor Company.”

I thought that getting poor gas milage was our patriotic right, and as belligerent rebelious bikers we are sticking it to the man . . .

“Inexperienced and aggressive bikers often cause accidents and fatalities on the road endangering you and your family.”

Yeah these are just the people who we want behind the wheel of a car. Does this statement have anything to do with noise?

I encourage all of you to join their forum and learn about how a belligerent, smarmy biker can clean up his act. If their message wasn’t so funny they might get something done.

Thanks to Uncaged Librarian for turning me on to this one.

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