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Mailbag: Brother-In-Law Stole my Motorcycle

By James - 11/3/2005

Chrystyna wrote to me about a situation that can’t end well no matter what.

I would like some information on how to contact/find out my rights in regards to a motorcycle/title which I bought in good faith from my brother in law, Was not running at the time, estimated value 5 grand, took to the shop, fully restored 48/68 SPCON Harley Panhead, value @ completion 15+ grand. Meanwhile bro in law used titla as collateral and was never returned title after his agreement was paid off. The other guy took the title to the bike shop, paid remaining balance and now has possesion of said motorcycle. ANY BODY HELP!
Can anybody help her out? All I could find out was general info about car titles.

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