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Biker Paint-Off

By James - 8/24/2005

I was flipping through the channels and caught the end of one of the Biker Build-Off shows. Now TheKneeslider is always complaining that the builders don’t strive for performance, instead focusing on looks. I am the opposite. Maybe it is because I am an artist for my day job but I always think they gloss over the most important part of building show-bikes; the paint job. I want to see a Biker Paint-Off. The intricacy of the paint job makes or breaks most of these art-machines. I enjoy the simplicity of matte black but marvel at the metallic foil, pinstripes, and two-tone schemes. It takes a special eye to get right the juxtaposition of leather and powdercoat, color and chrome. Sure, wrestling an oversized engine into a low-rider frame is a tough job but it is more force than finesse. Dosen’t fit? Just grind it. Try painting a matching pinstripe over a curved surface - freehand - and you only get one shot. That is talent.

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