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Now we match - A V-Star for my wife

By James - 8/18/2005

So after riding and comparing Savages, Shadows 600s, and Vulcan 500s I picked up a used V-Star with 2000 miles to replace my wife’s 21 year old Rebel. I now know why so many people discount 600cc bikes as serious cruisers. Honda and Suzuki’s 600 cc cruisers lack the power and ergonomics to allow all but the masochistic to go on multi day tours on these bikes. The Vulcan at 499ccs was comfortable and actually felt more zippy than the 652cc single-cylinder Savage and 583cc Shadow. This is probably because it had a 6th gear which made it less stressed at highway speed. But all three were a far cry from the V-Star when it came to value. Yamaha somehow got more “fun” out of their engine than any of the others. Now the stock V-Star won’t win any races and I am amazed at the amount of extra power I have started to take for granted after all the mods I have done on mine. I am not sure if we will replace the exhaust, air cleaner, add an air kit and rejet since my wife is content with the stock performance but the eggheads at Yamaha have made a great bike that is head and shoulders above the competition. I just didn’t know it until I actually rode the competition. Now my wife and I ride the same machine. I hate matching but when it comes to making her happy . . .

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