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Two-month motorcycle road trip

By James - 8/4/2005

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I recently got an email about John Reger, a guy who is riding from L.A. zig zagging across the nation for a two month adventure. He is taking the time to reflect and relax, to figure things out. He has no itinerary, making it up as he goes along.

Work for me had always been a way to make money to do what I wanted to do. So when I took a break from what many considered a dream job, it came as a surprise.

It shouldn’t have, really. If people knew me, and few do, they know I work better without a net. My writing, much like my life, is better spent staying hungry. I’ve never been one to worry about my career, or where I am going to live. Those details tend to take care of themselves. My angst is much more focused on what I am leaving behind. Why was I put here? What can I give people? How can I make this place better?

Meditating always finds the answers and the road is where I reflect best. The one question that stayed with me was the one I thought I had the easiest answer to. Leaving, however, is never easy.

Needless to say he is a good writer, eloquently describing the emotions that seem to surround the biker lifestyle. Unfortunately I can’t add an RSS feed to the blog aggregator to keep track of his progress but you can check out his site and send him an email.


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