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By James - 5/4/2005

I was listening to CarTalk this weekend and a woman called in about the amount of time is OK to leave bird poop on the car paint. This subject hit close to home for me since I park my bike under a tree and because this morning I went out and saw three direct hits on my tank.

The car talk guys basically said that you should clean it off once you have a chance. If you have to worry about it every 5 minutes then you are too obsessed with your car. As bikers we have a little more attachment to our vehicles. Unless you ride a rat bike, we all care about looks about as much as the functionality of the bike. A blemish on our motorcycle is a blemish on our image. Nobody wants to ride an ugly bike. So we usually pamper our motorcycles a little more than most car owners.

A few months ago I let a big turd (could be squirrel or bird) sit on my bike for about 4 days. It bothered me the whole time but I was so busy that a good washing was out of the question. Once I eventually washed it off and then waxed it I could still see the inconsitancies in my clearcoat where the impact was. I don’t know much about the chemistry of avian defacation but I guess it eats away at the paint. On a single color paint it is harder to see where the poop eats away at the paint but on a custom paint job you can see it easier as the light shines differently off of the different colors. Luckily after another wash and wax or two I couldn’t tell it was ever there.

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