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By James - 3/22/2005

My dad told me when I was learning to ride (horses not motorcycles) that if you are around horses long enough, they will eventually buck you, step on you, bite you, kick you, and you will step in manure. At least I haven’t been kicked or bit yet. That is just what it means to ride horses.

Well, if you ride motorcycles long enough there are a few things every rider experiences. There are the really good things like the feel of the wind or getting way over on a turn; they are the reasons why we all ride. But if you are around motorcycles long enough, there are some bad things that will happen.

You will eventually get caught in bad weather. Knowing when to pull over is key. Don’t ride beyond your limits and try to plan for the worst. It only takes getting caught in a hailstorm unprepared once to “get it".

You will eventually get hit by flying debris. I have had pebbles hit my kneecap, shin, and ricochet off my nipple. Even through a layer of leather and cotton, it stung like nothing I felt before. Full face helmets help and well made clothes will minimize the pain. And watch out for lit cigarette butts. They rarely hurt on impact. Their burn sneaks up on you.

You will eventually forget to put down or pick up your kickstand. Rarely do new riders forget this step. It happens when you are preoccupied and not focusing on your pre- or post-ride routine. There is nothing more embarrassing than leaning your bike over and it just keeps going. Except for pulling out of the parking lot, catching your kickstand and highsiding. Your buddies will be talking about that in your eulogy.

You will eventually put your bike down. There won’t be other cars or bikes around. You will hit gravel or oil or something slippery and you will be on the ground before you know what happened. You can however take precautions to protect yourself in case of a fall. Wear a helmet, thick jacket and durable pants to save your skin.

Cars don’t fall over. Cars protect you from the weather and pebbles. There are reasons why we ride and things we have to put up with because we do.

That is just what it means to ride motorcycles.

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