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How Does it Feel to Ride on a Motorcycle?

By James - 2/21/2005

Call me a techie geek but my server logs are a daily source of wonder for me. I think about the people who typed them in and if my site was of any help to them. I ponder if the person who typed “K75″ in Google and then clicked on my site was amused or shocked by the story of the guy on the BMW K75 hitting a deer. I wonder if the person who typed in “125cc ninja bikes” found my article on starter bikes helpful. But today someone came to my site after searching the internet for “how does it feel to ride on a motorcycle?“. I wondered if I helped to answer their question.

I tried to think of a metaphor for riding but none were appropriate. I can talk about how to ride a motorcycle and I can talk about what you need to ride a motorcycle but how does it feel to ride on a motorcycle is a question that only experience can answer. All I can say is that sometimes it is the best and sometimes it is the worst. It is alternating fun and scary. It is relaxing yet keeps you on your toes. It is a contradiction that most people see as crazy but you will never realize the benefits unless you throw a leg over and roll back the throttle.

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