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How to Steal a Motorcycle

By James - 2/13/2005

I read my website logs almost daily. It tells me how may pages were requested, who is reading my blog (their IP) and which articles are the most popular. But these are all warm ups for I really care about. The “headliner” in my opinion is the “Search Query Report". When you enter in a search in Google or Yahoo and then click through to my site, the server logs the words you entered I then go through the logs and see what people are searching for. I see a lot of queries on “motorcycle accidents” and “motorcycle cold weather” but today one caught my attention. It was not that a lot of people search for it, but the reasons behind the search that worried me. The lone query, second from the bottom read:

how to steal a viper motorcycle alarm

Someone typed this into Yahoo and expected to find an answer. If I thought it would do any good I would report their IP adress to the authorities. Keep an eye on your bike or park it in a safe location. If you are looking for some extra security for your ride, take a look at my advice, How and When to Lock your Motorcycle.

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