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By James - 2/3/2005

In an earlier post I wrote about my Heads Up Display mock up. If successful I could draw a speedometer going 200 mph, and pretend I was going that fast. So I put a Post-It on my helmet visor. Unfortunately I couldn’t read the “Hello World” test because the focal length was too short and gave up my quest of the land speed record in my head. Within two hours of my post the company that produces these neat gadgets wrote back and assured me that their technology is more advanced than my crude Post-It-on-the-visor mock up.

We were sent a link which led to your comment regarding our SportVue Heads Up Display (HUD). One of the technologies we have that makes SportVue HUD work is the optics system that focuses the image to near infinity. Therefore, the image is not seen like a note 3″ from your eye. Instead, the image is projected thru a patented optic system which makes it focused at a distance similar to your focal point during normal riding (20+ feet). We hope this helps.

Comment by The SportVue Team — 2/2/2005 @ 2:55 pm

Now I knew their product would work and be safe, they have people far smarter than me working on the project. What surprised me is that their marketing team was so quick to squash any potentially negative press. I thought the post reflected my stupidity more than the viability of the actual product but that they were so quick to respond is a sign that they take this stuff seriously. That is the kind of place I want to work for. I wonder if they have any openings in Marketing for a guy with an interest in motorcycles . . .

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