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Why Do I Bike?

By James - 12/21/2004

Some people ask me why I ride a motorcycle and others are curious but too shy to ask. It is not something that can be conveyed through conversations at parties, nor to coworkers while waiting to send a fax. It is a lifestyle, a recreation and a religion. It inspires people to push themselves to the edge, while taking others far away. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. If you ask 10 riders why they bike you will get 10 different answers. You still won’t understand why they bike, until you do.

I created this site out of frustration with the motorcycle sites out there. The forums where SPAM posts more than the users. The rants of elitists that care more about what you ride than how you ride. Sites where you have to pay to read a halfway decent article or links that have been dead for years left me unsatisfied.

I don’t claim to be the best rider in the world or know all there is to know about motorcycles, but through your help posting in the forums, submitting articles, shooting videos and sending us your trip reports we can try to document why we bike, while helping out those just getting into motorcycling.


First Post

By James -

I want a blog. Not that I have much to say but I want a blog. At least that is what I have been telling myself. I have 20 articles I have to write, I have to put the finishing touches on the site and am halfway through an article on splitting lanes, but I decided to spend the night setting up this blog software. I am just procrastinating. I don’t even have space in the nav for a blog. Trips might have to move to advice. I was inspired by TwistingAsphalt.com.

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