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How Does it Feel to Ride on a Motorcycle?

By James - 2/21/2005

Call me a techie geek but my server logs are a daily source of wonder for me. I think about the people who typed them in and if my site was of any help to them. I ponder if the person who typed “K75″ in Google and then clicked on my site was amused or shocked by the story of the guy on the BMW K75 hitting a deer. I wonder if the person who typed in “125cc ninja bikes” found my article on starter bikes helpful. But today someone came to my site after searching the internet for “how does it feel to ride on a motorcycle?“. I wondered if I helped to answer their question.

I tried to think of a metaphor for riding but none were appropriate. I can talk about how to ride a motorcycle and I can talk about what you need to ride a motorcycle but how does it feel to ride on a motorcycle is a question that only experience can answer. All I can say is that sometimes it is the best and sometimes it is the worst. It is alternating fun and scary. It is relaxing yet keeps you on your toes. It is a contradiction that most people see as crazy but you will never realize the benefits unless you throw a leg over and roll back the throttle.


How to Steal a Motorcycle

By James - 2/13/2005

I read my website logs almost daily. It tells me how may pages were requested, who is reading my blog (their IP) and which articles are the most popular. But these are all warm ups for I really care about. The “headliner” in my opinion is the “Search Query Report". When you enter in a search in Google or Yahoo and then click through to my site, the server logs the words you entered I then go through the logs and see what people are searching for. I see a lot of queries on “motorcycle accidents” and “motorcycle cold weather” but today one caught my attention. It was not that a lot of people search for it, but the reasons behind the search that worried me. The lone query, second from the bottom read:

how to steal a viper motorcycle alarm

Someone typed this into Yahoo and expected to find an answer. If I thought it would do any good I would report their IP adress to the authorities. Keep an eye on your bike or park it in a safe location. If you are looking for some extra security for your ride, take a look at my advice, How and When to Lock your Motorcycle.


Power of blog

By James - 2/3/2005

In an earlier post I wrote about my Heads Up Display mock up. If successful I could draw a speedometer going 200 mph, and pretend I was going that fast. So I put a Post-It on my helmet visor. Unfortunately I couldn’t read the “Hello World” test because the focal length was too short and gave up my quest of the land speed record in my head. Within two hours of my post the company that produces these neat gadgets wrote back and assured me that their technology is more advanced than my crude Post-It-on-the-visor mock up.

We were sent a link which led to your comment regarding our SportVue Heads Up Display (HUD). One of the technologies we have that makes SportVue HUD work is the optics system that focuses the image to near infinity. Therefore, the image is not seen like a note 3″ from your eye. Instead, the image is projected thru a patented optic system which makes it focused at a distance similar to your focal point during normal riding (20+ feet). We hope this helps.

Comment by The SportVue Team — 2/2/2005 @ 2:55 pm

Now I knew their product would work and be safe, they have people far smarter than me working on the project. What surprised me is that their marketing team was so quick to squash any potentially negative press. I thought the post reflected my stupidity more than the viability of the actual product but that they were so quick to respond is a sign that they take this stuff seriously. That is the kind of place I want to work for. I wonder if they have any openings in Marketing for a guy with an interest in motorcycles . . .



By James - 2/2/2005

I added HosenPants to the list of motorcycle blogs that the aggregator checks.


How To Videos

By James - 2/1/2005

I have been having a lot of fun mounting my camera to my handlebars and recording the twisties up here in Northern California. But I am always on a quest for something new, something different to push the boundries of the web and have come up with an idea. An article is good for telling you how to do something but it is better when a video shows you how to do something. Mix these three elements:

“How To” Videos
Motorcycle Maintenance
Girls in Bikinis

I may be on to something . . . Let me check out the logistics and see what I can get up on the site.


Calling All Motorcycle Bloggers

By James - 1/31/2005

I am addicted to motorcycles. I ride when I can, and when I can’t I like to read about motorcycles. I like reading about “normal” riders and what goes on in their everyday life, it is a good break from work. I guess this same behavior explains why soap operas are so popular. But I can’t stand them, I would rather be riding.

Motor Plow, in a recent post, was surprised at the sense of community between motorcycle bloggers. While I work in the internet industry and had heard about the blog communities, I too was surprised at the welcomes I got when starting my blog. How does the saying go? “You meet the nicest people on motorcycle blogs".

I was getting tired of checking out 7 or so different sites to see if there were new posts. So I created a page that collects, filters out non motorcycle content, sorts and displays the latest posts of my favorite blogs. You Blogspot folks and your ATOM feeds drove me crazy! But I created a workaround and now you are displaying correctly. After searching the net for others the list grew to more than triple that. I think most, if not all of these blogs are in the US or Canada, so there is usually a new post once an hour between the time the East Coast gets up and the West Coast goes to bed. Maybe we can get some Alaska and Hawaii bloggers to extend that.

If anybody else would like their blog listed, or knows of other good ones, contact me and I will add it to the cachebot’s duties. Here are the ones I am monitoring:

WhyBike - mine of course
Twisting Asphalt - The first motorcycle blog I came across, you never forget your first . . .
Bikes in the Fast Lane
Alanf’s blog…
BluepoofBikes Motorcycle Adventures - a neighbor
In the Scene
Two Wheeled Rants - Home of the BlogBar, another great tool for keeping track of motorcycle blogs
Uncaged Librarian
Motorcycle Misadventures
Hersey’s Blog
The Kneeslider
Motor Plow
40 Years on 2 Wheels
Goon Blog - If you are sensative to harsh language, stay out, the goon tells it like it is
Nook Sac
1Down4Up - I liked “WhyBike” until I saw this blog’s name; good one

If for some reason you don’t want to be included in my motorcycle blog aggregator, just tell me and I will take you out. Happy reading, you probably have some catching up to do . . .


Alexa Ranking

By James - 1/2/2005

I was just on another site that was boasting their Alexa ranking. I can’t really talk as I have only a small amount of traffic being that the site has been up about 2 weeks now, but isn’t boasting about your Alexa ranking like telling people how cool you are? Plus it is pretty easy it artificially inflate it. I just went to Alexa to get my rank. I just want tell everyone how cool I am and boast that I am the 2,492,132nd most popular site on the net.


Rain is here, DivX is coming

By James - 1/1/2005

The rain has given me a lot of time to start new articles and polish the old ones but I look forward to the kind of weather where I can get some video of my favorite rides. Those on my wishlist are Highway 1 to Stinson, Morgan Territory Road, and Mount Tamalpias. I got the settings on Premiere to produce high quality video for pretty small files using the DivX codec. The trouble is not everybody has DivX and a lot of people don’t like installing extra stuff if they can avoid it. Well, rain is expected as far as the forcast shows, so by the time it stops hopefully more people will have DivX.


How not to ride a motorcycle

By James - 12/31/2004

I am always looking for good video to put on the site and saw this video of people doing stoppies and wheelies and crashing. That part was not all that unusual, but what puzzled me was how upset the guy on the R1 was about flipping his bike about 5 times. It is the third segment, I think, and the guy appears to survived relatively unscathed but the bike is pretty close to totaled. He gets up and tosses his helmet and walks to a wall and pouts/starts to cry.

On one hand I understand. I get on my bike almost everyday not expecting to crash. Sometimes I wear clogs instead of proper boots and I once rode in just a t-shirt and jeans (a pebble hit me square in the nipple and I have never tried it again). But on the other hand if you are getting up on one wheel you have to know it is just a matter of time before you are going to crash. And it is a good chance it will cost you a couple grand minimum. You should be ready for it. I guess if everybody thought of the risks before they got up nobody would ever get out of bed.


First Post

By James - 12/21/2004

I want a blog. Not that I have much to say but I want a blog. At least that is what I have been telling myself. I have 20 articles I have to write, I have to put the finishing touches on the site and am halfway through an article on splitting lanes, but I decided to spend the night setting up this blog software. I am just procrastinating. I don’t even have space in the nav for a blog. Trips might have to move to advice. I was inspired by TwistingAsphalt.com.

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